Musicians to Construct Cutting-Edge Houses Built from Bamboo

Musicians Tommy Lee and Ludacris, on a "Battleground Earth" reality TV quest to illuminate "green" issues, will park their bio-diesel tour busses and get hands-on to actually construct two cutting-edge houses built from sustainable Structural Bamboo.

"These structures are the first of their kind to be built on the US Mainland and result from decades of testing non-toxic, sustainable treatments to get Structural Bamboo internationally certified for permitted residential and commercial buildings," says Jeffree Trudeau, bamboo pioneer and President of Maui-based Bamboo Technologies.

Computer-aided modular design allows for economical factory fabrication in Viet Nam of pre-engineered insulated bamboo home and commercial "kits" that are supremely affordable, exceed most building code requirements for earthquake and hurricane zones, are fully insurable and mortgage-able, and by all accounts, are very pleasant to look at and comfortable to live in.

Structural Bamboo is an extraordinarily sustainable or "Green" building material that pound-for-pound tests stronger than wood, concrete, even steel. Structural Bamboo was the first greenery to re-foliate in Viet Nam after Agent Orange.

"The producers at The Greif Company wanted something cutting-edge and visually substantial to use as a green challenge," says Sam Small, VP Developing Markets for Bamboo Technologies. "We've successfully delivered over 100 Bamboo kits to tropical locations around the world, and we've now added thermal insulation so anyone can build "to code" an upscale, fashionable, insulated house, restaurant or commercial center that maximizes technology, is remarkably sustainable and affordable, and is built primary out of Bamboo."

"Our buildings range in size from a 120 sq ft tropical bungalow, like those assembled on Battleground Earth, to an over 3000 sq ft, fully insulated, 2 story Bamboo Mansion," says Trudeau. "The smaller kits assemble in a matter of days, and in the case of Tommy Lee and Ludacris, in a matter of hours, making them particularly attractive for disaster relief."

Battleground Earth's houses will be disassembled and auctioned on eBay, "at a significant savings over retail," speculates Small. "Unless fans of Tommy and Ludacris drive up the price. If that happens, Bamboo Technologies will donate to a charity chosen by whomever's team builds their house the fastest."

"Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee." debuts August 3rd on Discovery Communication's new channel "Planet Green" launching in 50 million homes June 4th.

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