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PowerCell Sweden to Supply Fuel Cell System for Low-Energy House in Gothenburg

The Nordic leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) has received an order from H-O Enterprise AB to deliver a fuel cell system for a low-energy house in Gothenburg, Sweden.

PowerCell Sweden has recently signed an agreement with H-O Enterprise AB to supply a fuel cell system for a low-energy house in Gothenburg, Sweden. The project will be implemented in the fall of 2015.

The facility is a so-called self off grid low-energy house, which includes photovoltaic cells on the roof and facades, energy storage in batteries and hot water tanks, electrolyser, hydrogen tanks and fuel cells. The solar cells will generate electricity during daylight hours and the electricity will be used both to produce hydrogen from water using an electrolyser and to run the house, and recharge the batteries.

During evenings, at nighttime and during the winter season the electricity will be used with electricity from the batteries and from the fuel cell, which runs on hydrogen. The fuel cell produces excess electricity and even heat that is channeled into the house's hot water tanks and used for heating and hot water. The hydrogen in the tanks will also be used as a filling station to the household's planned hydrogen car.

“This is a breakthrough order for this type of energy-smart house, a use that we see that our fuel cell system has great potential to operate within, as increasing electricity prices, climate changes and the desire for more energy independence means that the interest in energy-efficient houses is growing”, said Magnus Henell, CEO, PowerCell Sweden AB.

“We expect energy-smart houses like these to serve as a future standard of zero emissions. In 2020 there will be a requirement that all new buildings must be near zero energy, which means they will produce almost as much energy as they consume. This means that a thorough upgrade of building regulations will be implemented in the near future”, said Hans-Olof Nilsson, CEO of H-O Enterprise AB.

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