Solar Roof Solution That Blends Seamlessly Into a Tile Roof is Over

The wait for a complete solar roof solution that blends seamlessly into a tile roof is over. Eagle Roofing Products, a division of Burlingame Industries, announced today the introduction of a comprehensive solar roofing system, the Eagle Solar Roof, to enhance the beauty of any architectural style.

Eagle’s turnkey solar tile system is offered through its strategic relationship with Open Energy Corp., a company focused on the development and commercialization of renewable energy products. Its solar photovoltaic (PV) solution maintains the aesthetics of a tile roof while generating clean, safe, energy efficient electricity from the sun. Unlike solar solutions previously available in the industry, the Eagle Solar Roof’s solar panels are effectively installed alongside roof tile on the home. The SolarSave Roofing Tiles were designed to perform and be installed as a roofing product rather than a traditional solar panel and can even be walked on. The solar tiles are lightweight and easily handled so roofing contractors and solar integrators will benefit from improved ease of installation.

“Builders and homeowners are increasingly interested in solar energy options as a viable means of abundant, renewable energy production,” said Jay Banister, Eagle’s National Green Program Manager. “In our drive to be responsive to our customers’ needs, Eagle is the first concrete roof tile manufacturer to offer a turnkey solar roofing solution that not only enhances the beauty of home’s tile roof but is socially responsible and highly effective in significantly reducing or even eliminating a homeowner’s energy bill.

“The opportunity for Californians to create a thriving, self-sustaining residential solar market is vast,” Banister said. “Working on behalf of builders, Eagle has simplified the implementation of a successful solar roofing program for builders. What we are now offering our customers is a powerful combination of solar roofing solutions and marketing strategy.”

Banister is quick to note that while complications with paperwork can down even the best conceived programs, Eagle has simplified the process to make it easy for builders. Electrical drawings for the electrical contractor and for the permit process are provided. In addition, Eagle and Open Energy will reserve and finance any available rebates, which are typically about 25-35 percent of the cost of the system meaning that net pricing is provided. The builder is simply responsible for providing copies of supporting documentation and helping complete some rebate paperwork provided by Open Energy. The builder or homeowner need not apply or wait months for rebates as they get it up front in the cost of the system.

Costs for this program are kept to a minimum. Pioneering builders participating in Eagle’s solar PV program enjoy discounted system pricing, minus the amount of the rebate. There is no mark up on the rebate, which ultimately results in savings to the builder. In addition, since the roofer may be installing both the regular concrete roof tile as well as the SolarSave Roofing Tiles, the builder can use his trusted roofing and electrical contractors to install the system rather than bringing in a new, additional solar-specific contractor.

The Open Energy SolarSave PV tiles used in the Eagle Solar Roof are extremely low maintenance for the life of the array, simply requiring owners to hose or wipe them down at regular intervals to remove any dust and debris from blocking the rays of the sun. The tiles are also durable and have a wind load rating up to 125 mph when installed with wind clips. The resulting installation provides quiet and reliable power generation, reducing pollution and green house gas emissions while delivering safe and secure sustainable energy.

Great strides have been made in new manufacturing technologies of these SolarSave Roof Tiles so that they easily integrate with Eagle’s beautiful concrete roof tile. The resulting Eagle Solar Roof complements the beauty of the home. In addition to significantly adding to the resale value of their property, homeowners may also qualify for an available $2,000 federal tax credit.

SolarSave solar panels come with a 25-year limited power output warranty and protection against water intrusion. The Eagle Solar Roof also comes with 10 years of free Internet-based solar system monitoring for homeowners.

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