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Origin’s New Solar Solution Provides Manufacturing Industry with Cost-Effective Energy Option

After raw material costs, energy costs are the next biggest burden borne by businesses within the manufacturing sector in Australia. Solar energy has been thought of as an ideal option for manufacturing businesses to lower costs; however, the costs to install an adequately large solar system to handle their energy requirements have been very high in most cases.

Solar as a Service is the latest venture from Origin, which offers low cost solar energy without the companies having to put up the capital investment for the solar system. Since 2014, Richard Parker, General Manager of Townsville Engineering, has been keen to try solar but never ventured into until Solar as a Service was launched by Origin.

Richard has now installed a solar system with a capacity of 80kW on his roof without having to put up any capital investment, thanks to Origin’s Solar as a Service. The system is capable of providing a third of the energy needs for his business at a cost much lower than what the business used to pay for electricity from the grid.

The whole process has been really easy since Origin came back to us with this new option. We’re excited to see the new electricity savings, but are also glad that we can find a way to be environmentally conscious.

Richard Parker

Townsville Engineering’s 5000-square-meter site caters to mining companies, bulk-handling facilities, local government operations, and managing an export line in mining equipment.

The decision to install the solar system by Richard has been advantageous to the company as well as to the community.

“As a business that operates for almost 10 hours a day, this is a great service. I feel very positive about the change and can’t see any negatives.”

According to Phil Mackey, General Manager, Solar and Emerging Business, Origin’s "Solar as a Service provides business with a simple way to save money on their energy bills by providing them with access to low cost solar energy at a lower price than they are presently paying for their grid energy.”

Plus the business does not have to pay for the system or worry about ongoing maintenance as Origin owns the system and looks after all this. This option is ideal for companies with unshaded roof space, who plan to be in their premises for the long term and operate during the day.”

By opting for Solar as a Service, it would be possible for businesses to select a CPI indexed rate, or to maintain the same solar electricity cost for up to 15 years, an option that protects them against any probable future electricity price hikes.

We know from customers that being more environmentally friendly is of concern - especially those who use a lot of energy or operate on 24/7 basis. So offering Solar as a Service is enabling companies to cross two things off their list: saving energy bill costs and doing their bit for the environment.

Phil Mackey, General Manager, Solar and Emerging Business, Origin.

How much a company can save will depend upon its length of its Solar as a Service agreement, roof space, and daytime energy requirements. It will also depend upon what occurs more commonly with retail electricity rates. The customer does not have to be with Origin for grid supplied electricity to opt for the offer.

The service is something that adds great benefit to not only a company's cash flow but also to their green credentials too. And, at the end of the day, it gives companies a solution for some of their biggest and ongoing considerations.

Phil Mackey

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