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Full Solar Power Vehicles Launched by Hanergy

Hanergy Holding Group, a globally renowned thin-film solar power company, recently launched four new vehicles that run completely on solar power. The full solar power vehicles were launched in a huge, themed-event "Disruptive Innovations Drive the Future" which took place on 2nd July in Beijing, outside the company’s headquarters. More than 4000 guests from various sectors of the society were present at the ceremony.

Hanergy launches full solar power vehicles at a grand ceremony in Beijing on July 2. (CREDIT: Hanergy Holding Group)

Board Chairman and CEO of Hanergy Holding Group, Li Hejun, drove the company’s new sports car “Hanergy Solar R,” under the spotlight, inside the venue. Talking about the advantages of thin-film solar cells during his speech, Mr. Li said that the flexibility and lightness of the cells makes them ideal for use in UAVs, backpacks, clothes, mobiles and cars. He also added that the four new vehicles demonstrate the success of the company’s mobile energy strategy.

The full solar power vehicles use thin-film solar modules and cells that are both efficient and adaptable. The major source of the vehicles’ driving force is solar energy. In order to drive only on solar energy and have a zero emission level, the vehicles are equipped with special managing and control systems. These systems include an energy storage system, a smart control system and a photoelectric conversion system.

The full solar power vehicles directly draw power from the sun. The vehicles, as such, do not need to be charged at charging posts for short and medium distanced travels. The “zero charging” possibility also frees the vehicles of the “distance per charge” issue. Being free of the practical problems faced by solar-power vehicles that came before them, the full thin-filmed vehicles of Hanergy can be commercialized. These vehicles, which have changed the face of new energy vehicles, are the first of their kind.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) dual-junction solar cells of Hanergy have won a World Record Certificate from the World Record Association for their 31.6% conversion rate, at the launching ceremony. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the United States has acknowledged the technology as having the world’s highest conversion rate on 5th January 2016.

A framework agreement with the company Foton Motor, to create clean energy buses, has been signed by Hanergy.

Hanergy Solar A, Hanergy Solar L and Hanergy Solar O are the three other vehicles of the Hanergy Solar Series that caters for varied groups of customers.

The thin-film solar cell area of the vehicles has been maximized and been made to weigh less. This easy-to-use technique allows the users of the vehicle to select and use different weather and traveling modes using mobiles, networks, smart or real-time methods. Mobile apps can also be used to select the charging mode based on the weather. Ultrasonic cleaning technology has also been integrated in the vehicles for the maintenance of the cells.

Adaptable GaAs thin-film solar cells, across 3.5 to 7.5 square meters respectively, have been placed in the four new vehicles says Dr. Gao Weimin, Vice President of Hanergy Holding Group and CEO of its Solar Vehicle Business Division. The solar cells can generate between eight to ten kilowatt-hours of power with five to six hours of power in a day. This allows the vehicle to cover a distance of 80km, an annual of 20,000km, enough to drive within a city under normal conditions. Unlike, conventional electric vehicles, full solar power vehicles equipped with this disruptive advancement need not depend on charging posts.

The vehicles can charge themselves with solar energy during travel, while in the routine-day use mode, and require “zero charging.” During long-distance travels or in the event of weak sunlight, the lithium batteries in the vehicles can be charged at charging posts, making a travel of up to 350km per charge possible.

"The reason I'm here is because I very much believe in what Hanergy is doing by making a car totally powered by solar energy." said American renewable energy expert Dr. Woodrow W. Clark II, who attended the event. He views the vehicles as symbols of green energy revolution.

Hanergy independently handles the R&D required for the development of full solar power vehicles. The company owns more than 120 proprietary intellectual property rights and patents.

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