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A Newly Introduced PET Monomer Recycling Group to Enhance PET Circularity

Petcore Europe, the industry organization representing PET value chain, introduces the “Special Industry Group - SIG” to position PET monomer recycling as a viable addition to the established mechanical recycling process, thereby enhancing the circularity of PET.

SIG Mission

The group aims to establish a strong and sustainable value chain in the development of re-using the monomers from PET waste. The SIG will use the networking and outreach of the Petcore Organization to interact with legislators, regulators, NGOs and other stakeholders to ensure chemical recycling of PET is an acceptable business and fulfills the future requirements of business environment. The Group will work to ensure health and safety aspects as well as product acceptance is achieved.

"PET Monomer Recycling has the potential to increase the quantity of available recycled PET and complement the existing mechanical recycling capacities", stresses Wim Hoenderdaal, Chairman of the new Petcore Europe Special Industry Group.

What is PET Monomer Recycling?

PET Monomer Recycling opens a completely new perspective on how to deal with the concerns about plastics and plastic waste. Bringing the PET bottles and food containers as well as polyester textiles back to its constituents, monomers or low molecular weight components that allow purification means in principle endless re-use of these PET building blocks.

This will improve the circularity of PET since colors, additives and other polymers in multi-layer constructions will be from now on fully recyclable. Monomer recycling helps solving the waste problem by giving all PET waste value. After all efforts from consumers and by the industry to collect and sort the plastic, we can give a guarantee that PET is recycled and does not leave the circle to incineration or landfill.


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