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Neutrinovoltaic Technology Could Solve the Current Pollution Crisis

In the midst of the global hype regarding the risk posed by climate change, pollution does not get its due consideration. However, the fact is that air pollution and other kinds of environmental degradation continue to take the lives of millions worldwide.

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A recent study estimates that 30,000 Americans have died because of air pollution in 2015, and there is no reason to presume that this trend has decelerated in the past few years. Since current renewable energy technologies continue to let us down, neutrinovoltaic technology is budding as a surprising solution.

China is the Worst Offender

Throughout the latter half of the 20th century, there was a gradual development in China’s industrial economy. However, after this communist country entered the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2000, there was a boom in the Chinese economy. Presently, China is home to one of the world’s biggest manufacturing economies, but unlike other developed nations, this Asian country does not stick to widely accepted regulatory norms.

From treating workers as slaves to taking slow attempts to control harmful pollution, the Chinese industrial machine is dissociated from the safety and human rights standards that the majority of the remaining world follows. Due to this laissez-faire attitude, international corporations find China appealing, but a recent case in Scientific American indicates that China’s pollution has an impact on the remaining world.

Air pollution in Europe and the United States is much worse than it would be if state-run Chinese producers adhered to common-sense emissions policies. However, as things prevail, the poisonous smog released by unregulated fossil fuel consumption in China is claiming the lives of hardworking American citizens half the world away.

Neutrino Energy is Emission-Free

With more lives endangered by fossil fuel emissions each year, an energy revolution is emerging that will completely get rid of the risk presented by this kind of toxic air pollution. For years, researchers have looked at neutrinos with perplexity; these particles can be observed and measured, but trillions of them pass across and everything that is seen every day, and it is practically impossible to halt this never-ending flow.

In 2015, however, the field of neutrino science transformed forever when researchers in Japan and Canada independently found that neutrinos possess mass. It had long been hypothesized that neutrinos might possess mass, but these simultaneous, independent discoveries denoted for the first time that researchers had definitively shown that neutrinos are not as ethereal as they were once assumed.

As per the formula E = mc2, every particle that has mass also has energy. Following the 2015 discovery that neutrinos possess mass, researchers across the world began thinking hard and wondering whether exploiting neutrinos for their energy was within the area of possibility.

In 2017, the neutrino researchers at the University of Chicago revealed that it was possible to harness energy from the movement of passing neutrinos. Now that neutrino-derived energy has been empirically shown as feasible, it would only be a matter of time until budding engineers established a method to harness the power of neutrinos as they move across the universe.

How Neutrino Energy Will Make Pollution a Thing of the Past

At present, there is no solution to the threatening pollution crisis. Without subjugating China, this nation will continue polluting the world with its uncontrolled quest for maximum profits.

However, the policy of a single nation is not the real source of the pollution issue faced by the modern world. Instead, it is the resource shortage that pushes the modern economy and makes the shortest and most unfair path to profit the most desirable.

If China, the European Union, the United States, and other main world powers had access to enough quantities of clean, renewable energy, there would be no inducement to burn fossil fuels. Currently, mainstream renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, are incapacitated by their restricted applications: Solar panels function only in direct sunlight and windmills only work when the wind is blowing.

However, neutrino energy devices operate the same regardless of where they are or what the time of day might be. As neutrinos move across the dirt and solid rock, neutrino energy devices even operate deep underground, which eliminates the landscape destruction problems intrinsic to the propagation of solar cells and windmills.

Industrialization Without Pollution with the Neutrino Energy Group

As neutrino energy is freely available, every country would be free to follow the unlimited heights of industrialization without posing concerns regarding global pollution. Avoiding fossil fuels would also discourage the use of petroleum-based plastics, which are also obtained from the restricted fossil fuel reserves. As a result, the world’s other rising pollution crisis, ever-increasing islands of plastic garbage in the seas, would also be solved.

Increased industrialization has always been the redeeming quality of humanity. The modern industrial age has nearly increased the average lifespan by two times, and diseases that once destroyed humanity have been eradicated with modern sanitation.

There is no point in turning down the wonders of industrialization just due to the fact that it is currently not done in the right way; rather, one must simply look to the future and develop technologies that will solve the existing problems.

Although neutrinovoltaic technology is still in its early stages, it is to be noted that solar panels also took decades to make their way into consumer use. Over the next few years, neutrino energy will break into the mainstream, and it will offer the solution to pollution the world so badly requires.


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