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Fuel Tech Announces Demonstration Order from Electric Utility Customer

Fuel Tech, Inc., a world leader in advanced engineering solutions for the optimization of combustion systems in utility and industrial applications, today announced a FUEL CHEM® demonstration order from an existing Canadian electric utility customer. The demonstration will be performed on a medium-sized boiler currently burning a blend of imported coals and petroleum coke, the latter a by-product of the oil refining process. Chemical injection is scheduled to commence during the third quarter.

John F. Norris Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This announcement represents the first TIFI™ Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ application on a Canadian coal-fired electric utility unit. The objective of this demonstration is twofold. First, we plan to alleviate fouling problems currently arising from the presence of sulfur and vanadium in the petroleum coke feedstock, thereby increasing uninterrupted megawatt generation. Second, we intend to enhance our client’s fuel flexibility and economics by enabling the introduction of lower cost, lower quality indigenous coals into the fuel mix.”

Mr. Norris continued, “As a by-product of this initiative, in which boiler cleanliness is improved and boiler efficiency is enhanced, we would expect the unit to achieve a modest reduction in the rate of CO2 emissions, thereby helping to satisfy a goal of increasing importance in Canada.”

Mr. Norris concluded, “With this contract announcement, Fuel Tech has added 10 FUEL CHEM customer units thus far this year, including eight coal-fired units.”

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