Durisol Building Systems Gets Green Log Award for Best Green Building System

Durisol Building Systems received the Green Log Award for Best Green Building System in recognition of its commitment to providing a high performance, truly green product for the building industry.

The Green Log Award is granted to Durisol Building Systems "…in order to locate and shine a spotlight on those companies and individuals who are enabling healthier homes and lifestyles." The Durisol Wall Form System is the original insulated concrete form - ICF, and was recognized in 2008 as playing an important role in making homes and businesses greener.

"We are proud to be at the forefront of helping build a greener world, one building at a time," said Vipul V. Acharya, president of Durisol Building Systems. "It shows that the construction sector can play a leadership role in reducing our environmental footprint."

The Durisol Wall Form System is the only reinforced insulated concrete form that does not use foam or polystyrene and is made from Durisol. The proprietary Durisol material is a cement-bonded wood fiber composite that incorporates waste lumber and standard Portland cement. Originally patented in Switzerland in 1946, Durisol products have been manufactured in North America since 1953.

How Durisol ICF works

The Durisol insulated concrete forming system (ICF) is a straight-forward method of building a reinforced concrete wall with built-in thermal, acoustical and fire protection. The wall forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete and reinforcing steel.

The Durisol system has achieved popularity with contractors because of the ease with which walls can be constructed. The Durisol material is easily cut, nailed and screwed with simple carpenter tools. The Wall Forms are lightweight and thermally insulating which allows easy winter construction without any additional heating. The unique free-draining Durisol material allows the use of high-slump concrete in the field that makes for easier and faster concrete pouring and ensures a solid wall without any compromise in strength. Interior and exterior finishes are applied directly to the Durisol material, eliminating subsequent steps in the construction process. Drywall can be attached anywhere on the Wall Form surface, while the open-textured nature of hardened Durisol makes it an ideal substrate for plasters and stucco (mesh is still recommended). Standard stucco mixes applied directly to the Durisol material result in a finish that is less expensive and more impact resistant than conventional EIFS systems.

The Wall Form units are available in a variety of widths and insulation configurations that create a system that is flexible, design friendly and optimized for each specific application. Wall thickness can range from 6" to 14" thick and insulation values can range between R-8 and R-28. A key feature of the Durisol system is that majority of the insulation within the product is positioned towards the exterior of the wall, resulting in additional energy efficiency that is not possible with other insulated concrete forms

Since 1953, Durisol products have been integrated in every type of building application. The inherent insulation value, the 4 hour fire rating, the ease and speed of building and the moisture resistant capabilities make the system unmatched for most building projects.

Durisol is the world leader in the design and manufacture of cement-bonded wood fiber products for the construction industry. Visit the website at http://www.durisolbuild.com.

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