British Off-Road Machinery Operators Urged to Adopt Stage V Compliant Generators

British off-road machinery operators have the opportunity to radically improve air quality and minimize their green-house gas (GHG) emissions, thanks to a series of Stage V generators that meet the Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) emissions standards for mobile power. Developed through a collaboration between a specialist provider of generators; Power Electrics, and the UK’s leading provider of GreenD+ (paraffinic HVO fuel), Green Biofuels.

Air quality is a critical factor in the UK’s health, and Stage V Generators offer a huge advance in emissions reductions. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs reported in July 2020 that the mortality rate caused by air pollution is equivalent to 28,000 to 36,000 deaths a year.  

Independent tests have confirmed that the New Stage V generators, developed by the two companies as part of an ongoing partnership, have the lowest emissions on the market thanks to the use of the high performance paraffinic alternative HVO fuel, Green D+, supplied by Green Biofuels. Using GreenD+ reduces GHG emissions by up to 90%, when compared to regular diesels.

Power Electrics are commencing a rolling conversion of their 2,500 generator fleet to Stage V compliant generators which can all run on Green D+. The aim is for these to form the backbone of the Power Electrics fleet of rental generators, giving off-road machinery operators the opportunity to access the UK’s lowest emission rental generators and reduce GHG. This means that emissions contributing to climate change can be reduced, as well as pollution affecting the local air quality. The London Greater Authority has reported that since March 2020, the particulate emissions (PM2.5) of nearly all sites in London and regional background sites, exceed the average guideline limit of 25 μgm3 set by The World Health Organisation.

Power Electrics has been using GreenD+ for 12 months and has used 3 million litres of GreenD+. The total emissions savings in this time have been calculated as: 8,612 mt of NOx and 31.3 mt of Particulate Matter.

In addition, a total saving of C02e over regular diesel of 8,190 mt of C02e (equivalent to 1,688 single flights London/Sydney) has also been achieved. When combined with the rolling conversion to Stage V, these savings will see the Power Electrics hire fleet contend for the title of lowest emission and highest GHG saving fleet in the UK.

Green D+ has already been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by centrally fuelled fleets – on-road, off-road and in back-up power applications, where it helps to meet the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and the Non-Road Mobile Machinery requirements for improved air quality.

Green Biofuels also recently announced a collaboration with Volker Fitzpatrick, a leading construction company operating in the rail infrastructure sector, who estimate they will reduce 4,000 mt of CO2e over the coming 12 months thanks to the use of Green D+.

Green D+ is aligned with each of the Mayor of London, TFL and Network Rail’s separate policies to reduce transport’s contribution to climate change with the use of, amongst other initiatives, biofuels. Specifically, in line with the Mayor’s proposal for solutions which are price competitive with conventional technology, Green D+ enables construction and infrastructure operators to switch from conventional road vehicles to low CO2- emitting transport and low carbon fuel sources without any change to equipment or fuel tanks.

Andy Pullin, Managing Director of Power Electrics, has commented:

“We are delighted that through the hard work and dedication of our team and the outstanding GBF technical team we have achieved a remarkable thing. To be able to launch a Stage V generator with the lowest emission fuel providing the best local quality and a GHG saving is something of which we are hugely proud. We look forward to being able to deploy our fleet of Stage V generators where they will make the biggest impact and help improve air quality and reduce carbon.”

William Tebbit, CEO Green Biofuels, has commented:

“We are delighted to continue to work with Power Electrics to deliver the best air quality and GHG savings possible in mobile generators. Increasingly our customers are recognising that without any capital expenditure any diesel engine can use our fuels and immediately improve air quality and reduce GHG.

“Many are still talking about plans for battling climate change, but we believe now is the time for action. Green D+ can be used instantly with no capital expenditure to hugely reduce emissions and greenhouse gases. As a lot of our customers say – it’s a no-brainer; as we say it’s a solution for HERE and NOW.



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