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New Data Shows 3 in 4 Will Pay 10% Above Average for Purpose-Led Products That Help the Planet

A new survey marks the launch of product development consultancy, biild, by exploring what type of products UK adults want, and reveals overwhelming support for products that serve a greater purpose, particularly those which are good for the planet.

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biild, questioned UK adults about their understanding and interest in purpose-led products, which was defined in the survey as a product with a core mission of solving a wider problem, meeting a need in society, or addressing the planet’s energy and climate crisis.

The survey explored which product features were most relevant to consumers across the UK and what prices people would be willing to pay, and discovered:

  • 74% of UK adults want long-lasting and easily repairable products. (More in table 01 appendix.)
  • 3 in 4 adults are willing to pay 10.6% above the average price for purpose-led products.
  • 32% trust small brands to keep their purpose and sustainable promises compared to big brands.

biild is a consultancy responding to the global call for responsibly designed and inclusive products that matter. The consultancy believes it’s time to change how and why products come to market for the sake of the planet, our communities, and individuals. biild is the new design brand of Sheffield’s AME Group, an innovation company, which received its first six-figure investment in 2021 that enabled its two departments (product design and prototypes & manufacturing) to launch as independent brands.

biild’s Design Manager, Tim Stern, remarks:

“Data from the new survey confirms that our industry and that of our clients are in the middle of a consumer revolution. Previously, purpose was seen as an exceptional feature, this survey proves that consumers want products that respond to the social, environmental, and economic challenges we all face, and that purpose is profitable.

Brands need to respond to and embrace a new way of thinking which replaces profit over consequence with profit as a consequence. We believe purpose-driven product design achieves this.

We understand that adapting to this new approach poses practical challenges. UK brands are on a journey of evolution and transformation to deliver what consumers want, while simultaneously having a positive impact on the world. We don’t judge brands for being at the beginning of their journey, rather we’re here to help them find a pragmatic way to build responsibly and ensure business growth.”

Innovation Director of AME Group, Paul Howell, adds:

“biild is our response to changing times and empowers us to offer current and future clients the specialist product development support they need. The recent investment into AME Group has opened a whole range of innovation for our product design and prototyping departments. Both departments have incredible potential for growth, which is why we decided to give them a new voice of their own through the two new brands ­­— biild for product development and AME-3D for prototyping and manufacturing.

biild is now at the forefront of the new product development era and we aim to support UK brands by applying a purpose with pragmatism approach to our unique end-to-end service that takes products from an idea to market and all the way through to end life options. We want a better future for everyone.“

Find out more about the product development consultancy, biild, on their new website:

Find out more interesting stats from the survey here:

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