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Su-Vastika Solar Granted Patent for Its State-of-the-Art Emergency Rescue Device

Su-Vastika Solar has been granted a patent for its Emergency Rescue Device for Lifts, called "A system and method for providing backup to a consumer-friendly lift/elevator."

Elevator usage has expanded significantly with the growing construction of high-rise structures such as shopping malls, housing complexes. In recent years, however, lift-related accidents have also increased. A power failure is one of the primary causes of lifts stopping in mid-flight, trapping passengers inside. India lacks a uniform safety lift act that can guarantee optimal passenger safety.

Su-Vastika Solar has created a state-of-the-art Emergency Rescue Device (ERD) that provides 15 minutes to ten hours of power backup for essential devices such as elevators and escalators.

As one of the most rapidly developing startups for power storage and power solutions, they are thrilled to announce that the Government of India has granted them a patent for their ERD technology. "A System and Method for Providing Backup to Consumer-Friendly Elevators and Lifts" is the title of patent 396079.

ERD is a mechanism installed in elevators that activates during power outages that restrict the lift's functionality. This emergency equipment provides a 3-phase power supply to the elevators in the event the main power source fails. An ERD differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator that provides near-immediate protection from input power disruptions by providing energy stored in batteries via a specialized power bank. With ERD, the switching time is nearly negligible. Therefore, the lifts never stop, and the generators are unnecessary. Whenever the power is on, the lifts operate smoothly and without jerks, which keeps the lift electronics and electrical systems running without interruption. Since there is no interruption in power, the smooth operation eliminates the possibility of lift failure. ERD is a green and clean technology that, with the addition of a charge controller and solar panels, may become a solar-enabled system capable of charging the ERD power bank using solar energy.

Speaking to the media, the Managing Director of the company, Ms. Khushboo Sachdev, said, "We are working towards expanding our capabilities and reaching new heights. We have also worked on replacing the generator with the inverter to find an environment-friendly solution and a step towards green energy. We provide a Solution to all your Power Storage Problems."

Su-Vastika Solar is proud of their lift accident prevention system. Their machinery may be configured for modest to large loads up to 500 KVA and can operate on lead-acid and lithium batteries. Additionally, it can supply power backup for up to two days and does not require an air conditioner. Additionally, it is BIS Certified. For additional information, please visit their website.

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