Sustainable Batteries - The Future of Responsible Clean Technology

Sustainable batteries play a crucial role in advancing clean technology for a cleaner and greener future. At the forefront of this transformative field is Sorbiforce, an innovative company dedicated to revolutionizing energy storage through sustainable solutions. With a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, Sorbiforce has successfully unveiled the world’s first sustainable battery, marking a significant milestone in reshaping the energy storage landscape.

Sustainable Batteries - The Future of Responsible Clean Technology

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Recently recognized as one of the top five startups in the field of secondary batteries in the US,1 Sorbiforce has successfully manufactured the world’s first sustainable battery.

The innovative metal-free 2 kWh battery has been constructed from 100% renewable materials using agricultural waste and can be easily recycled.2 As a result of its pioneering efforts, SorbiForce’s environmentally compatible batteries could usher in a wave of clean technology in the near future.

Having found its feet as a start-up in Ukraine in 2017, SorbiForce has since evolved and now includes an expert team of dedicated scientists, researchers, and engineers focused on balancing supply and demand in a global economy attempting to decarbonize the world through electrification.

We aim for the complete transition of humanity to renewable energy sources through the creation, implementation, and global expansion of sustainable batteries in the energy storage market.


Earlier this year, SorbiForce joined forces with the University of Arizona’s Center for Innovation to gain further insights into entering the US market.3

We are in a professional environment and in the heart of the start-up community, learning how to build a start-up for the global market. The U.S. market entry is very important for us.

Oleg Sheremeta, Founder and Chief Business Development Officer, SorbiForce

Batteries play a significant role in the energy transition, serving as a vital power source and storage solution for a sustainable energy future. By facilitating the efficient shift from fossil-based fuels to alternative, renewable energy sources, batteries play a pivotal role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By focusing on sustainable practices, SorbiForce strives to contribute to a greener future, where cutting-edge energy storage solutions play a pivotal role in reducing the carbon footprint. Committed to ensuring the sustainability of its technology, Soribiforce aims to eliminate any environmental impact associated with the construction and disposal of its metal-free batteries.

The Worlds First Sustainable Battery

SorbiForce has already delivered proof-of-concept, producing a metal-free 2 kWh battery that can power household appliances. Now, the company is moving towards scaling up the technology for mass energy storage solutions.

The company has set its sights on meeting the large-scale demand for renewable energy sources, and SorbiForce’s clean battery technology could, one day, power entire households, transport systems, and even cities. The company claims its battery is the key element in the energy system of the future, and a larger battery could, in theory, be used in power plants and wind and solar farms to store any excess energy which could then be released at a later date.

This approach would not only address the issue of limited supply but also ensure no excess energy goes to waste, thereby protecting the energy grid.

Sustainable Batteries – Breaking Free From Rare-Earth Dependency

Conventional batteries are often constructed from rare-earth metals, such as lithium, which require intensive mining processes with an environmental impact counterintuitive to the goals of protecting the planet. Finding alternative materials and manufacturing methods inspired SorbiForce’s system, which has been optimized for balancing electric energy discharge and storage.

With safety and environmental concerns in mind, as it looks towards tackling the common issues associated with battery technology, SorbiForce engineers looked at eliminating any problematic materials during construction.

We’ve completely eliminated metal components from our manufacturing process, and we don’t use any toxic substances. Our battery is made entirely from renewable materials.


With the main component being an ultra-porous carbon, other parts of the world’s first sustainable battery construction come from plastic and agricultural waste. The use of these materials limits the issues commonly associated with battery disposal and thus further protects the environment.

An Easy-to-Recycle Battery for a Greener Tomorrow

The innovative use of waste materials means that SorbiForce’s revolutionizing battery technology is easy to recycle as all battery parts can be easily disposed of and recycled, and the organic raw materials can also be reused as a fertilizer.

Recycling is as easy as depressurizing the unit, filling it with water, and discarding the materials in a designated organic or compostable waste container. This is possible due to the metal-free design, which contains no toxic substances.

Each part of battery development and design exhibits SorbiForce’s commitment to sustainability for a greener future, offering batteries a way into the circular economy.

Moreover, the company asserts that the world’s first sustainable battery has a low CAPEX (capital expenditure), with 1 kWh being 1.8 times cheaper to produce than the current market equivalent using lithium-ion technology.1

The market potential for a new kind of sustainable easy-to-recycle battery made from entirely renewable raw materials could prove to be game-changing in the energy transition.

Sorbiforce’s Sustainable Battery: A Catalyst for Industry-Focused Change

The integration of Sorbiforce’s sustainable battery technology holds immense promise for multiple sectors and industries. From electric vehicles to renewable energy storage systems, the battery’s sustainable attributes could revolutionize the way we power our world. Sorbiforce’s trailblazing innovation is set to be a driving force behind the adoption of clean technology, ushering in a new era of sustainable energy solutions.

By prioritizing eco-friendly design and responsible practices, Sorbiforce has created a remarkable solution that not only advances clean technology but also helps mitigate environmental challenges.

SorbiForce is taking the future of developing clean technology into its own hands and aims to continue to push the envelope and remove any limitations when it comes to producing batteries that are both efficient and environmentally compatible.

Click here to learn more about Sorbiforce and how it is unlocking the true potential of completely sustainable energy.

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