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Permutable AI Releases Rankings of Companies Driving Clean Energy Revolution

Ahead of International Energy Week, Permutable AI, a leading market intelligence provider, announces the release of its rankings of companies perceived to be driving the clean and affordable energy revolution, based on AI-driven news sentiment analysis.

The world increasingly recognises that access to clean and affordable energy is not only essential for addressing climate change but also is integral to the development of various sectors including agriculture, business, communications, education, healthcare, and transportation. While the world makes strides towards sustainable energy targets, the pace needs acceleration.

The recently compiled ranking, based on comprehensive data analysis, highlights companies that stand out for their commitment to providing clean and affordable energy solutions.

Key insights:

- Scheider Electric, ABB, and Siemens top the rankings due to their innovative solutions across the entire clean energy spectrum, investing heavily in and pushing the boundaries of clean technology R&D.

- Despite Tesla continuing to lead the way in the automotive industry, Daimler - via Mercedes-Benz - is beginning to lean more heavily into the EV car market as well as investing in charging infrastructure expansion, electric mobility and alternative fuels.

- The inclusion of technology giants like Intel, Microsoft, and Nvidia emphasizes the influence of the sector in enabling energy-efficient and renewable energy technologies, solutions and research.

Top 20 companies at the forefront of clean and affordable energy solutions

1. Schneider Electric (data score: 623.88)
2. ABB (data score: 471.52)
3. Siemens (data score: 322.79)
4. Duke Energy (data score: 307.36)
5. Samsung Electronics(data score: 229.52)
6. Honeywell (data score: 217.29)
7. Tesla (data score: 199.92)
8. Intel (data score: 195.3)
9. Enel Spa (data score: 165.5)
10. Daikin Industries (data score: 139.58)
11. Cisco Systems (data score: 135.03)
12. Nvidia (data score: 132.66)
13. Daimler (data score: 127.43)
14. IBM (data score: 119.21)
15. General Electric (data score: 114.52)
16. Apple(data score: 114.05)
17. Volkswagen(data score: 113.76)
18. Microsoft (data score: 113.4)
19. Southern Co (data score: 108.88)
20. Dominion Energy (data score: 108.62)

The companies featured in the ranking are setting an example and forging the way towards a transition towards cleaner energy sources, demonstrating an increasing commitment to addressing global sustainability challenges.

Wilson Chan, Permutable AI CEO said: "In anticipation of International Energy Week, we wanted to focus on those companies that are building a reputation for driving the global transition towards clean and affordable energy in their respective sectors. In a world often filled with doom-mongering narratives, we wanted to release this data to highlight the positive strides being made. These companies embody hope, demonstrating that progress towards a sustainable future is not only possible but already underway.


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