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Jacobs and Baromar to Unlock Cost-Effective Electricity With Launch of Underwater Energy Storage Project

BaroMar, a breakthrough innovator in the energy storage sector, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Jacobs , a renowned global leader in critical infrastructure, engineering and technology solutions. The partnership will develop the preliminary design for a first-of-its-kind underwater large-scale, long-duration energy storage facility. Located off the coast of Cyprus, the pilot project addresses both the overall surging global demand for green energy solutions, alongside the day-to-day need for constant supply. By leveraging an energy storage technology that is simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, Jacobs and Baromar are working to set the standard for the sustainable provision of renewable energy.

Jacobs will complete the preliminary design and proof of concept and will play a pivotal role in the design of BaroMar's inaugural pilot project in Cyprus. Leveraging Jacobs' experience in the energy, power, marine and port engineering space, the collaboration is poised to propel BaroMar's innovative energy storage solution to new heights.

“As the world graduates from fossil fuels for its primary energy supply to renewables, there is an equal imperative to deliver cost-effective and low-impact storage solutions. BaroMar’s technology harnesses excess electricity from the grid and stores it safely below the sea’s surface, to be mobilized when needed. With its low capital requirements, minimal maintenance and zero environmental impact, this is a sustainable and scalable solution that will reinforce net zero ambitions, while offering the world secure supply in times of energy crisis or unpredictability,” says BaroMar CEO Yonadav Buber. “Jacobs’ engineering prowess and track record makes them an ideal partner to bring transformational impact to the long-duration energy storage solution space.”

The 4 MWh pilot project in Cyprus represents a significant advancement in BaroMar's mission to address the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in Europe and beyond, by demonstrating the practical application and scalability of its technology.

“This project requires extensive geophysical, geotechnical and bathymetric surveying, investigation, feasibility studying and permitting for tank installation at deep depths for onshore mechanical and electrical equiment needs,” said Jacobs’ Vice President Fiachra Ó Cléirigh. "This work underscores Jacobs’ commitment to driving innovation and sustainability across sectors to deliver resilient, carbon free clean energy.”

At the heart of BaroMar's solution lies the concept of storing compressed air in large rigid tanks which are ballasted on the seabed. The tanks are designed to resist loads imposed by the marine environment as well as the compressed air, during both installation and operational conditions. Leveraging existing, mature technology in power, energy, and marine engineering, combined with the hydrostatic pressure of the sea water, the system achieves relatively low installation costs and the lowest levelized cost of storage (LCOS) compared to any other comparative solution, with a round-trip efficiency of up to 70%.

The pilot project in Cyprus, developed with the help and support of Prof. Stavros Malas and Prof. Costas Papanicolas from the Cyprus Institute, represents a significant advancement in BaroMar's mission to address the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions in Europe and beyond, by demonstrating the practical application and scalability of its technology. BaroMar is also assisted by Petrolina Electric, a key local energy group, to maximize the financial and technical benefits of the project and future projects.

As BaroMar and Jacobs join forces to design and implement the pilot project, stakeholders across the energy industry are eagerly anticipating the transformative impact of this groundbreaking collaboration.


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