Recycling Center to Redirect Plastic Waste from Landfills into Cost Saving Retail and Restaurant Bags

Command Packaging, a leading U.S. manufacturer of plastic carry bags for retail stores and restaurants, announced it has been officially licensed by the California State Department of Conservation as an approved plastic film and bag recycling center.

Command Packaging Recycling Center (CPR3), launched last year, has been collecting plastic waste from local businesses in an effort to divert plastic waste away from local area landfills into a sustainable packaging solution. Approved by environmentalists, retail stores and restaurants, their efforts lead local businesses to operational cost savings and reductions in their packaging waste.

After reprocessing the collected plastic waste, the recycled plastic is used as the raw material for Command Packaging’s EncoreTM environmental carryout bag line. EncoreTM environmental bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled at their end of life, making them the most environmentally friendly reusable carry out bags available. Compared to all other packaging, these recyclables have the lowest carbon footprint, use less energy, reduced raw material and transportation costs. The result is the most economical and sustainable solution for retail stores and restaurants.

According to Command Packaging CEO, Pete Grande, “The goal now is to create a truly integrated business model that can make the creation of a closed loop - zero waste, plastic environmental bag program a reality for retail stores and restaurants.” It is Grande’s belief that, “With our ability to collect – manufacture – recycle, we are satisfying the economic demands of retail stores and restaurants, while addressing the environmental concerns.”

When environmentalists began to target plastic bags, Grande laid out a strategic vision for his company. Command Packaging’s director of manufacturing, Joe Delgado recalls, “Mr. Grande told the entire staff that environmental and economic concerns are not mutually exclusive for retail stores and restaurants.” He challenged us that “instead of penalizing the local retail stores and restaurants, which ultimately will hurt consumers, Command Packaging needed to develop a win-win-win model.” According to Grande, “We spent several months researching available recycling technologies, equipment, and discussing with customers and local retail stores and restaurants what they could live with. After carefully considering the input, we put all the pieces together, and a viable plan emerged. Today, Command Packaging has a full time purchasing department seeking out plastic waste from local businesses which will be recycled and used as the raw material for the products they manufacture. It’s a win for the environment, local retail stores and restaurants, and for customers that can now buy plastic bags made from recycled materials.”

In less than two years, Encore™ recycled plastic bags have become the flagship product of Command Packaging. In spite of all the recent anti-plastic sentiment, Grande sees a bright future: “Because plastic is lightweight, has a great ability to be recycled, and with so many businesses in Southern California eager to find a better way of disposing their plastic waste, we are able to keep the cost of recycled plastic competitive against virgin materials. Our customers don’t have to choose between paying higher prices for carryout bags to do something good for the environment.”

Recently, many of the leading retail stores and restaurants eager to combine cost savings with environmental benefits have begun buying Encore™ bags made from as much as 80% to 100% recycled plastic. As other businesses follow suit, more plastic will be diverted from the landfill. Grande believes, “When businesses agree to divert their own plastic waste to suppliers like Command Packaging, who in turn will use the recycled plastic to manufacture the packaging they are already using, we will create a closed-loop, sustainable solution that will help the environment and reduce costs.”

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