International Photovoltaic Trade Mission to India Explores New Opportunities for Solar Industry

SolarPlaza, a world leader in connecting solar industry members, will lead an international trade mission to India from February 16 to 20.

The aim of the mission will be to explore the potential for a strong market in India for solar products in the coming years, an opportunity that could reap huge dividends for solar manufacturers.

India, one of the world’s fastest-developing countries, currently has no electric grid, with 400 million people without access to electricity. With about 301 clear, sunny days a year, solar power stands to become the predominant energy source for the nation, which is currently exploring ways to deal with its energy shortage.

Already, some large-scale projects are being proposed, including a 35,000 km² area of the Thar Desert that’s been set aside for a solar power project generating 700,000 to 2.1 million Megawatts.

So far, only about 1,748 MW of power is produced from solar energy, while India needs 1.3 million MW of electricity each year. “India is just getting started,” said Johan Trip, CGO of SolarPlaza, a portal for news, trade, information and high level events about the worldwide solar industry. “The world needs to be better educated about India’s solar market, which offers a huge opportunity for the solar industry.

The purpose of this mission is also to connect solar industry experts, business developers and project developers looking for panels with Indian manufacturers.” SolarPlaza will give participants an inside track to connecting with customers in India. It will also facilitate a look at such Indian companies as Moser Baer, Solar Semiconductor and XL Telecom, all Indian manufacturers of solar panels.

Government incentives aimed at creating a solar industry in India have lead to start-ups which could solidify a solar industry there in the coming years. SolarPlaza will open doors for members of the solar industry at their factories in Bangalore, Hyderbad and New Delhi.

In addition, SolarPlaza will host two conferences highlighting the growing opportunities in India. Representatives of the global solar industry will have the opportunity to meet, network and make business connections with Indian companies and other key players in India’s solar energy market.

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