Forestry Company UPM Drops Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide Emissions

UPM has significantly decreased its fossil carbon dioxide (CO2) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions in 2008. The development of other environmental parameters has been positive, as well, which supports UPM’s aim to be the front-runner in the new forest industry and a sustainable producer.

"We are very satisfied with the good overall development of our environmental performance”, says Hartmut Wurster, Executive Vice President, Technology. “Continuous improvement is UPM's target and we will continue our work to reduce emissions even further in 2009."

Changes in the fuel mix and improved energy efficiency resulted in a 12% decrease in fossil CO2 emissions per tonne of paper and a 30% decrease in SO2 emissions in 2008 compared to 2007. Since 1990, UPM has invested about one billion euros in new mill site biomass-fired power plants and recovery boilers. These long-term investments have reduced fossil CO2 emissions by 40% per tonne of paper.

Development in the pulp mills' effluent treatment resulted in a 6% decrease in adsorbable organic halogens (AOX) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions per tonne of pulp. The effluent flow per tonne of pulp and paper remained at the same good level reached in previous years. The absolute amount of effluent decreased by 8% due to reduced production volumes. The amount of landfill waste decreased by 12% due to increased reuse of ash e.g. as a raw material for the construction of roads and as a soil fertilizer.

UPM applies a lifecycle approach to environmental management. The company takes into account environmental impacts during all stages of the product lifecycle – from raw material sourcing, through production, delivery and product use to recycling, reuse or disposal of the product. The aim is continuous improvement and reduction of our overall environmental footprint.

A sign of UPM's top overall environmental performance is the fact that the company has been awarded the EU Eco label for most of its paper grades. The EU Eco label is awarded only to products which have a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle.

UPM's 2008 Annual Report provides more details on the company’s environmental performance. More information is available at:

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