Emissions Reduction Retrofit for Diesel Engines Available for Government Funding

BASF Catalysts' retrofit technology, which addresses harmful emissions from large diesel engines generally found on bus and truck fleets, is ready to meet the anticipated demand from fleet owners as they tap $300 million in stimulus funding directed to the EPA's Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program.

The Obama Administration's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), signed into law by President Obama on Feb. 17, makes the funding available to heavy-duty diesel vehicle and equipment owners to retrofit their fleets. The funding for DERA represents a six-fold increase from the 2008 funding level and will be administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition to the $300 million stimulus spending, the U.S. House and Senate 2009 spending bills include an additional $60 million in funding for DERA activities.

Particulate emissions from diesel engines are of significant concern to government regulators around the world. Buses, trucks, mining vehicles, power generators and other diesel-based equipment are the sources of harmful hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) that pollute the air and are linked to respiratory diseases.

According to the EPA, exposure to particulates from diesel engine exhaust is associated with a range of health effects, from asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms to retarded lung development. Retrofitting diesel engines with emission control technology can reduce exposure to potentially dangerous particulates.

According to the Emissions Control Technology Association (ECTA), DERA funding will also save approximately 6,300 jobs in the United States. The economic impact is likely to be the greatest in the auto parts manufacturing and heavy-duty truck (e.g., school bus) manufacturing sectors, which have sustained job losses at nearly seven to nine times the national rate. In addition, the EPA has established that retrofitting diesel vehicles is highly cost-effective and generates $13 of health benefits for every $1 spent.

Applicants for these funds should move quickly to develop an application since the EPA's application process will only be open for a short time. U.S. regional, state, local, tribal or port agencies with jurisdiction over transportation or air quality, as well as nonprofit organizations or institutions that represent or provide pollution reduction or educational services are eligible to apply. Tips on how to successfully apply for funding and the latest diesel retrofit news will be available at www.dieselretrofitdaily.com shortly.

BASF diesel retrofit technology is distributed by Donaldson Company and includes:

  • BASF DOCs (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts): Originally developed to reduce TPM (Total Particulate Matter), HC (Hydrocarbons) and CO (Carbon Monoxide). BASF Catalysts DOCs have millions of miles of proven performance in urban bus, medium duty truck and heavy duty truck applications.
  • BASF's DPX(TM) catalytic particulate filters: Designed to reduce emissions of PM from diesel engines for new vehicles or retrofitted for use on existing vehicles. The filters first trap particulates and then use a patented catalytic technology to continuously burn them at normal diesel operating exhaust temperatures.

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