Green World Studios Announce Green World Energy Solutions Feature Length Documentary Film Series

Green World Studios (GWS) is proud to announce the world World Studios; an innovative, environmentally conscious company that operates all equipment with clean, renewable, solar power. Green World Energy Solutions premieres on April 20, 2009 on and has been created for network television distribution. Green World Studios hopes to instill a globally conscious awakening and creative awareness for Green solutions to real world problems.

Green World Studios introduces Director Craig Jeffries, with an educational background in Architectural Engineering and Film. After acquiring several copyrights with the Library of Congress, Jeffries utilized his talents to create a full length feature film series within a solar powered studio. Using photo voltaic solar panels over the past 7 years Green World Studios has changed over 19 million watt hours. GWS stands to promote the concept of one person's ability to make an effective change socially, consciously, and environmentally.

"The one thing every living being on this planet has in common is our reliance on the health, vitality and longevity of our Mother Earth. My intention in creating this documentary is to provide smart, simple solutions to our most difficult environmental problems," commented Jeffries. "It is my dream that this film will educate and inspire people throughout the world to embrace and adopt these solutions to hopefully become a natural part of their every day lives."

Green World Energy Solutions features scientific facts while providing practical solutions. See how today's most successful trendsetting companies are using solar, wind, and water reclamation; while operating with minimal environmental effect.

With the rise in gas prices and the economy weakened by consumption of foreign commodities, now is the time to begin utilizing affordable, reliable, and renewable alternatives. This film series gives real life solutions to cutting water usage, lowering utility bills, and highlights the most environmentally friendly practices in Building, Transportation, and Manufacturing.

"If you can prove to people that they can still do things efficiently and effectively then they will soon be on board. We have 4 times the amount of cars on the road since the 1970's yet we have half the amount of smog. We've proven that we can do it." Quoted from an interview in the film with Environmentalist and Entertainment's Foremost Activist on global warming, Ed Begley Jr.

There's no problem that can't be solved and that's what GWS aims to do with its release of Green World Energy Solutions. It is reported that 40% of all energy consumed in the USA goes to heating, cooling, and electrifying our buildings while another 30% goes to transportation as well as 30% to manufacturing.

GWS stands to be at the forefront of change, providing real world energy solutions to old problems.

Green World Energy Solutions goes directly to the source to identify the problems and displays the actions and results that can take effect now to make tomorrow the future. See footage of Leed Platinum Buildings, Alternative fuels and vehicles, and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

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