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Answers Demanded by Chinese Drywall Complaint Center About Toxic Chinese Drywall and Who Knew What, When

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is leading a national, and state by state investigations of toxic Chinese drywall. At this moment the group is almost exclusively focused on investigating toxic Chinese drywall complaints in Texas. Toxic Chinese drywall has been discovered in massive quantities in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia, and numerous other states.

The indicators of having toxic Chinese drywall include, discolored, or blackened copper, possible electrical issues ranging from light bulbs burning out at high rates, at an unusually high rate, to electrical devices failing (such as TV sets, DVD players, refrigerators, electrical stove top elements, etc); all in combination with health affects that include upper respiratory issues, severe headaches, nose bleeds, rashes, and other medical conditions. The majority of toxic Chinese drywall was installed in new, or remodeled homes from 2003-2008 in 1000,000's US homes, condos & even commercial projects. Homeowners who think they may have toxic Chinese drywall in their home should contact the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or contact the group via its web site at

According to the group, "The toxic Chinese drywall issue is complicated. In states like Florida, some subdivisions are completely infested with the potentially lethal building product, & in other states, only a portion of the subdivision, or the homes in it, have Chinese drywall. Some subdivisions were completely missed, and others may have to be bulldozed." The group says, "According to toxicologist Patricia Johnson at the University of New Orleans, exposure to toxic Chinese drywall could be lethal. Yet what Americas Watchdog considers to the absolute worst environment disaster in US history has barely made the national US news, nor has the President of the United States even personally acknowledged it even exists." The group says, "And now we learn Chinese delegations are coming to the US to inspect the problem? Why do we need a Environmental Protection Agency, & where are the Governors & Congressional delegations of the Southeast US-on vacation, or worried that saying something about this gigantic disaster might cut off the rivers of campaign donations from homebuilders, or the homebuilding industry-if they mention it?" For more information about toxic Chinese drywall in Texas, or other states, homeowners can call the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center anytime at 866-714-6466, or contact them via their web site at

Special Note: "According to the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center, the US Products Safety Commission no longer even lists toxic Chinese drywall on the main page of its web site. Our group will not let this gigantic national disaster get swept under the carpet, and maybe its time to start recalling so called political leaders (Gov. Charlie Crist-R-Florida) for failing to do their job, & no, we do not have four years for national a class action to figure out what happened, or how toxic this stuff is. The class actions barely even discuss the long term health affects of exposure to toxic Chinese drywall, & again President Obama has not even mentioned the topic. Change, what change." According to the Chinese drywall Complaint Center, "It seems like business as usual in a do nothing, we love big government Washington, DC. The problem, this really is a national disaster, and 100,000's of US homeowners need help now."

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center also wants to hear from homeowners in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, or any other state who were repeatedly replacing air conditioning coils as far back as 2004. The group says, "We are 150% sure the air conditioning companies knew about the Chinese drywall issues as far back as 2005, and failed to inform the consumers, out of fear of annoying their biggest clients-US homebuilders."

"If you live in a Texas subdivision, built after 2003, or know someone who does, please share this press release with them & encourage them to contact the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center at 866-714-6466, or contact them via their web site at ."

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center will not back down in attempting to protect US homeowners in what it considers to be the worst environmental disaster in US history.

Because of reports on CNN related to Georgia Pacific's ToughRock drywall having problems similar to Chinese drywall, the Chinese Drywall Complaint Center has now launched a formal investigation of all US drywall manufacturers. The group would like to hear from any US consumer who has had problems with US manufactured drywall products.

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