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Electronic Waste Recycling Through the EasyPak Sustainable Recycling Program, Boosted By Upgrade

Air Cycle Corporation is pleased to announce the upgrade of, an online resource for facilities that need a simple and cost-effective way to recycle their fluorescent bulbs, CFLs, batteries, ballasts, and electronic waste. Through, users can set up their own EasyPak Sustainable Recycling Program where they can order recycling containers and access features like online recycling reports, official certificates of recycling, and EasyPak container tracking.

Through the Sustainable Program, users can order EasyPak recycling containers for multiple types of universal waste and return them via pre-paid FedEx. Once the waste has been received for recycling, a recurring order is triggered and a new EasyPak container is shipped out automatically. The Sustainable Program's hands-off approach guarantees that users will save time and energy by not having to constantly search for and reorder new recycling solutions. has additional features that can help facilities better understand and track their bulb, battery, ballast, or e-waste recycling efforts. Once a user ships out their full EasyPak container, they can login to to view recycling reports that give totals of all waste they have recycled. Reports are broken down by waste type and time period. These reports are accessible at anytime and are a great resource for marketing environmental progress to customers and co-workers.

Another feature available through is the ability for users to access official certificates of recycling. Every time waste is recycled with EasyPak through the Sustainable Program, the facility is issued a certificate of recycling that verifies the company's green efforts and details exactly how much waste was recycled. Certificates can be downloaded directly from the user's account on at any time and provide compliance in the event of a regulatory audit.

For users that have multiple facilities or that utilize several EasyPak containers at one time, offers container tracking. Users can login to their account and see which of their facilities are recycling, as well as a detailed report of the types of containers that have been shipped off via EasyPak. Container tracking is perfect for companies that want to see the results of their corporate-wide recycling programs and see which of their facilities are following through on green standards. also offers free resources to help businesses better understand recycling requirements and regulations. State-by-state regulations offer a clear and concise summary of universal waste recycling, as well as contact information for state EPA officials. There are also numerous articles and industry news updates available through the site to keep facilities updated on new recycling solutions and tips. is the perfect online tool for facilities that want to recycle their bulbs, batteries, ballasts, or e-waste and quantify the results. Setting up an EasyPak Sustainable Program through the site takes only a few minutes and can help facilities reap environmental benefits in a cost-effective manner.

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