Green Roadway Project to Promote Environmentally Sustainable Technology and Renewable Energy Along the Historic Route 66

Gearing up for its national rollout, The Green Roadway Project demonstrated its new clean energy technology on old Route 66 and received the endorsement of the Route 66 Alliance.

Jim Conkle, Chairman and CEO of the Route 66 Alliance, officially endorses The Green Roadway technology. Spokesperson Kelly Meyer and inventors Gene Fein and Ed Merritt stand in the background

At a sunny gathering of environmentalists, transportation enthusiasts and technology experts at the western end of America’s iconic highway, the Route 66 Alliance formally endorsed “The Green Roadway” -- a set of patented solutions to produce renewable energy along roads -- with a sample micro-demonstration system of solar panels supplying clean energy to an electric vehicle.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this melding of history and innovation,” Jim Conkle, Chairman and CEO of the Route 66 Alliance, said at the Santa Monica event. “This technology will only further the legacy of this historic highway. The future of Route 66 looks much brighter because of our relationship with The Green Roadway”

This month, the Green Roadway™ Project’s patented technology portfolio ( will be made available on a state-by-state basis throughout the United States. Auction house ICAP-Ocean Tomo, will conduct a private sealed bid auction on July 24 for exclusive licenses to bring The Green Roadway™ technology to each state.

The Green Roadway™ is a comprehensive end-to-end system of unique installations and configurations for creating, gathering and distributing solar, geothermal or wind energy along roadways. The technology could be implemented on the right-of-way along interstate highways, local roads and even railways. The new energy bill passed by the House requires reductions in carbon emissions and establishes “Cap & Trade,” which makes The Green Roadway well-positioned, as The Green Roadway has the potential to generate billions of dollars worth of offset and tax credits as installed systems. The systems also seize on another tenet of the energy bill by providing power and technology to electric vehicles and charging stations.

“Our roadways are a significant source of CO2 emissions. It is time to take this opportunity and use them instead as a space for clean renewable energy,” said Kelly Meyer spokesperson for The Green Roadway™ and an environmental leader. “The Green Roadway is an important step in that direction.”

The groundbreaking patent portfolio is lauded in two new independent research publications that place Genedics Clean Energy, LLC, in the top five companies worldwide for the creation of key solar technology over the last five years as well as for clean energy patents in Q1 2009, along with Boeing, United Technologies & Kyocera and ahead of Nissan. The research was carried out by the Kalki Energy Report and the first quarter 2009 Clean Energy Patent Growth Index (CEPGI).

The inventors of The Green Roadway™, Gene Fein and Ed Merritt have created unique methods of harnessing alternative sources of energy, with low incremental cost and high cohesion with existing energy infrastructure. The Green Roadway™ serves as the backbone for the creation of new nodes connected to the smart grid system to provide flexibility and convenient distribution of clean energy.

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