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Environmentally Friendly Snow 'Thrower' and Alternative to Polluting Snow 'Blowers'

Structured Solutions II LLC announced the launch of their newly-designed wheeled snow shovel this fall. The Sno Wovel™ is the only non-combustion alternative snow removal device performing equal to or better than a snow blower. The all new folding frame Sno Wovel™ debuts in a new category of hybrid tools, combining safety for the user, protection of the environment and high-performance. No fuel, fumes and deafening noise to harm the environment or the operator – no electric cords to tangle with. The Sno Wovel is 2-3 times faster than shoveling and comes with a folding frame design for easy and portable storage.

Shoveling and snow blower injuries result in approximately 100,000 serious emergency room visits annually in North America. Cumulative injuries affect millions, resulting in lost time and productivity for recovery – all of which are now preventable without sacrificing performance. The University of Massachusetts, one of the top U.S. ergonomic research centers, has released the results of an independent study verifying that use of the patented Sno Wovel wheel–based shovel results in a 3-4 times reduction in lower back stress and cardio exertion. The innovative wheeled design allows for effortless snow clearing on all types of surfaces while avoiding twisting, bending and post snowstorm muscle aches.

The Sno Wovel can outperform snow blowers with a fraction of the effort in all snow conditions, from slush (difficult for snow blowers) to over two feet of snow and works especially well in heavy snow. No special skill is required for commercial or residential use, and it is fully adjustable for body type and size. Unique accessories include Gravel Wheels, a Chipper Plate for ice and packed snow, a Powder Blade to increase shovel capacity for light snow and an advanced composite Snap-On Wear Strip to extend shovel life.

The eco friendly Sno Wovel™ saves time, money, and gas – as well as the pain, strain and injuries so common with conventional shoveling. Maintenance-free, the Sno Wovel stores easily and can hang flat on the wall like a shovel. The Sno Wovel can be purchased online at and at specialty retailers throughout the USA and Europe.

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