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KSM-Multistoker 275-18 biomass boilers from Asgard Biomass Systems

Asgard Biomass Systems supplies a range of biomass boilers including the KSM-Multistoker 275-18 model. This biomass boiler has an output power of 20 kilowatts for heating houses. The compact biomass boiler combines strong construction and modern design features to provide an efficiency of 92 percent. Grains, wood pellets, peas and olive stones can be used as fuel in this biomass heater. If required, fire wood can also be used as a source of energy.

KSM-Multistoker 275-18 biomass boiler

The KSM-Multistoker 275-18 biomass boiler features a completely welded feed screw that is 90mm in diameter. The feed screw comprises an 8mm thick thread and is operated by a motor gearbox. The KSM-Multistoker 275-18 biomass heater also includes an automatic de-ash and comes with oxygen control. The standard boiler model comes with a 275-liter silo, however, Asgard Biomass Systems also undertakes to deliver a 400-liter silo upon demand. This home heater requires a moving floor burnhead, if grain is to be used as the fuel.

The KSM-Multistoker 275-18 biomass boiler is equipped with a 150mm diameter chimney. The chimney can be configured on either side of the heater. The stocker height and length of the furnace is 1,350mm and 1,350mm, respectively. Fire wood pieces with the length of 60cm can be used to fire the biomass boiler. The charging door of the boiler measures 23 x 35cm. The overall weight of the KSM- Multistoker 275-18 biomass boiler is 415kg.

The other similar biomass boiler model available from Asgard Biomass Systems is the KSM-Multistoker 375-35 with a power output of 35 kW.

Source: Asgard Biomass Systems

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