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SureSine 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverters from Morningstar Corporation

Morningstar Corporation supplies a range of solar inverters and solar controllers such as pure sine wave inverters, MPPT charge controllers and PWM charge controllers. The SureSine 300W pure sine wave inverter is designed for remote off-grid photovoltaic systems. It is suitable for rural electrification projects, remote cabins, telecom, RV or caravans, boats and weekend homes. It has 12V DC input and 115 or 220V AC output.

SureSine 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The SureSine 300W pure sine wave inverter is capable of handling up to 200% surge.  This sine wave inverter does not have an internal cooling fan, as a fan mostly fails in a harsh environment and blows dirt into the electronics. The SureSine 300W inverter incorporates the Toroidal transformer design, which produces sine waves through a range of input voltages.

The inbuilt electronic protection automatically protects the sine wave inverter from short circuit, high temperature, overload and low voltage disconnect. The inverter has special features that protect it against marine and harsh tropical environments. The inverter consumes up to 450mA when powering loads and it automatically switches over to the stand-by mode during no load conditions to reduce self-consumption.

The SureSine inverter is specified with a continuous power rating of 300W and peak power rating of 600W at 25 degrees Celsius. It is available with an optional remote meter.

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