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Harmony 13 Wood Stoves from Euroheat Distributors

Euroheat Distributors supplies a range of biomass stoves including the Harmony 13 wood and multi fuel stove. This biomass stove can be used with fuels such as wood and coal. When burned with wood, the stove provides a heat output of 5.0 kilowatts continuously. The heat output for coal burning is 3.5 kilowatts. The Harmony 13 wood stove is suitable for use with smokeless coal and seasoned dry wood.

Harmony 13 Wood Stove

The Harmony 13 wood stove features an air wash control that can be used during wood burning. The multi fuel wood stove also features under grate air control. The flue outlet can be configured either on top of or at the rear of the stove. The size of the flue outlet is 125mm. The handle and hinge of the biomass stove are made of brass, while the internal protection plates are made from cast iron. The wood stove, offered by Euroheat Distributors, includes a poker, glove, and tool for riddling or ash pan.

The various features of the Harmony 13 wood stove include: a riddling grate, a front riddling, a Plexus air supply system, an ash pan, and a ZR combustion technology. In a well insulated room, the wood stove has the capacity to heat an area of 125 cubic meters under continuous operation. Only logs with a maximum length of 305mm can be used in the biomass stove. The net efficiency rating of the wood stove is 83.4 per cent.


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