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Nirvana Series Swimming Pool Heat Pumps from Dwight's Geothermal

Dwight's Geothermal is a dealer and installer of geothermal heating and cooling systems. The Nirvana series swimming pool heat pump offered by the company is manufactured by NextEnergy.

Nirvana series swimming pool heat pump

The Nirvana series swimming pool heat pump has a rated 5.96 COP and is designed to heat an outdoor pool. This heat pump incorporates all the necessary components to make the pump achieve its maximum performance in different weather conditions.

The Nirvana series swimming pool heat pump is equipped with a black enamel heat collector that allows maximum heat to be absorbed from the air. This heat is then transferred to the swimming pool to heat the water using a heat exchanger. This pool heat pump incorporates THE-2000 heat exchanger, which has a water flow rate of 208 liters per minute.

The heat exchanger of the swimming pool heat pump has a titanium condenser to protect against chemical or acidity products found in the water. This geothermal heat pump offered by Dwight's Geothermal includes a junction box placed at the base of the system for simple and quick heat pump hookup.

The oversized evaporator and thermostatic valve of the Nirvana series swimming pool heat pump are designed to provide maximum efficiency. This pool heat pump has integrated controls together with a self-diagnostic system. The front panel has pool light, spa light, heat light, set key, decrease key, increase key and digital display. The casing of this heat pump is made of UV resistant fiberglass. This pool heat pump is available in four sizes with capacities ranging from 55,000 to 110,000 BTU.


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