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Hand and Windmill Pumps supplied by Dempster Industries

Dempster Industries designs a range of windmill pumps. The 226F windmill pump is specifically designed for shallow to moderate depth wells in farms. It comprises a piston rod made of steel and a flat bar. The piston rod is available in overall sizes of 11 inches or 16 inches and can be attached to the flat bar with the aid of a heavy cast set screw connection.

Hand and Windmill Pump

Some of the features of Dempster Industries’ hand and windmill pumps include a four bolt adjustable flanged top, bearer pins made of heavy steel and extra long handles.

The top portion of the hand and windmill pumps from Dempster Industries consists of a stuffing box that is tightly sealed onto the piston rod. The handles of the windmill pumps can be adjusted in four positions to attain a maximum stroke dimension of up to four inches. A large capacity air chamber facilitates the smooth pumping process. Hand and windmill pumps from Dempster Industries are available with a suction bushing and compression or siphon spout. The suction bushing of the hand and windmill pumps from Dempster Industries has an overall size of 2 inches X 1 1/4 inches.

Hand and windmill pumps from Demspetr Industries also include a pump jack that operates the windmill pump using a gasoline engine, electric motor or any other power source. This pump jack serves as a backup unit to the windmill and can be used to provide water during low wind conditions.


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