Mescoli Emiliana TM22 Wood Burning Stoves with Flue Selectors

Bioenergy Technology manufactures a range of biomass stoves, heaters and boilers including the Mescoli Emiliana TM22 stove. This is a wood burning stove that can be used for cooking as well as heating. The boiler of the stove is made of heavy gauge steel.

The boiler has the ability to supply 26 kilowatts to the central heating systems. The biomass stove is equipped with a large burner chamber that features a large front loading, which measures 210 x 270mm. The burner chamber can also be configured for top loading.

Mescoli Emiliana TM22 Wood Burning Stove

The Mescoli Emiliana TM22 wood burning stove consists of an oven with two grates. The grates can be removed or attached manually, whenever needed. The biomass stove has an ash collection tray that is placed beneath the oven. The dimensions of the oven are 355 x 285 x 370mm. The enameled tray of the oven can be easily accessed for cleaning. The oven distributes the heat evenly and constantly to enable cooking of all kinds of foods.

The Mescoli Emiliana TM22 wood burning stove has a door inspection window that is featured with a thermometer to read the temperature. With the flue selector, adjustments for cooking and heating can be done. The cooking surface of the stove incorporates a large plate made of cast iron. The oven has six concentric circles on its top that is used to cook food in direct flame. The biomass stove comes in white, green, brown and blue colors.


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