Siemens Helps Greenville Housing Authority to Implement Energy-Saving Measures

Based on the data collected at Greenville Housing Authority (GHA), Siemens has come out with the finding that the North Carolina housing authority project has exceeded its energy savings estimated for the construction period. In its recent analysis, Siemens has found out that energy savings will exceed the assured 5 to 10% levels. 

The HUD Green Initiative launched by the GHA in collaboration with Siemens encourages both housing development operators and owners to make use of technologies that will improve the building construction. Siemens helped GHA to reduce water and energy consumption in its residential buildings.

According to Don Rogers, Executive Director, GHA, Siemens has offered extended engineering services, an extensive range of products, and means for energy savings, and this made GHA to choose Siemens as its partner.  The company’s experience in assisting housing authorities has impressed GHA and influenced its selection.

GHA has entered into a performance contract with Siemens to install plumbing fittings and energy-saving residential lighting, which has reduced water demand considerably.  Siemens also utilized automated electric and water meter reading technology (AMR) that helped service companies to gather data without disturbing residents.

The device also helped GHA staff to catch up with some free time, as the GHA staff used to read all meters manually in the early days.  In view of the GHA, the consumption data from the residents can be used as an energy management tool and the system from Siemens helped its staff to manage abnormal readings. Siemens will provide all data related to energy to GHA in a way to ensure HUD reimbursement.

Apart from energy savings, the community and the residents have benefited in other ways as well. According to Frank Shepard, Accounts Manager, Siemens Building Technologies Energy and Environmental Solutions, Siemens utilized local labor, which created jobs and helped the community.

Siemens trained residents on energy saving practices to bring down their utility bills. Siemens has also assisted the GHA to obtain additional funds from ARRA.  This helped to get HVAC systems and have additional energy savings.


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