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Coastal Zone Management Grant for Preserving Pennsylvanian Coastal Zones

An announcement regarding a grant of $1.2 million to firms involved in preserving and protecting the coastal zones of Pennsylvania across the Delaware Estuary and Lake Erie was made on 23 November by Governor Edward G. Rendell.

According to Rendell, these grants will be used for promoting efficient land-use, and planning and conservation measures in the coastal areas. This grant was given to various government agencies and 35 non-profit organizations functioning in countries that are either directly in contact with the quality of water in the coastal zones or situated near the coastal zones of Pennsylvania.

The costal zone management grants extend their support by way of contributing to programs that focus on improving public access, introducing new pollution control measures and organizing educational programs to enhance the life of those residing in the Pennsylvanian coastal zones. Through this grant, many firms intend to control or eradicate the increase in pollution, erosion and biodiversity loss. Lake Erie and the Delaware Estuary are the two coastal zones that are earmarked for development.

The coastal zone of Lake Erie is spread across the middle of the lake up to the boundary between Canada and the interior of the city of Erie.  This coastal zone that holds the coastline of many important tributaries is located within Erie County. The coastal zone of Delaware Estuary consists of marshes, islands and shore lands and is located within Delaware, Bucks and Philadelphia.

The Pennsylvania Coastal Resource Management Program has granted over $8.5 million funds for various coastal zone projects, and a majority of these grants are funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration with the money provided by the federal government.

The applications for the next grant will be received only in the summer of 2010 and the organizations that can avail this grant include:  local governments and authorities, educational institutions, state authorities and nonprofit groups.


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