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MADE AE-20 Wind Generators Comprise Wind Direction Sensors

Entec Srl supplies a range of renewable energy systems such as biomass, biogas, photovoltaic and wind energy systems. The company offers MADE AE-20 wind generators from its partner company, WindStorm Srl. This wind turbine has a nominal power of 150kW. It includes three rotor blades, nacelle, two tubular steel towers, hub, controller and instrumentation.

MADE AE-20 Wind Generator

The MADE AE-20 wind generator incorporates rotor, which has a diameter of 20m. It uses three fixed pitch rotor blades and the rotor has a velocity of 46rpm. This wind turbine is mounted on a conical trunk tower, which has a height of 21m. It has a parallel axis or two-stage gear box that has a ratio of 1:22 and a nominal power of 270kW. The MADE AE-20 uses triphase asynchronous generator. This generator has six poles and has a nominal speed of 1000rpm. Its maximum power is 180kW and its voltage and current are 400V and 330A, respectively.

The MADE AE-20 wind generator is equipped with a disc brake, which operates electrically, for security purpose. It has aerodynamic main brake with hydraulic circuit operation. This wind turbine includes wind direction sensors and 0.55kW gear motor. It generates 144kW power per hour using a wind speed of 5.0m/s, 228kW/h using 6.0m/s wind speed, 319kW/h using 7.0m/s wind speed and 411kW/h using 8.0m/s wind speed.


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