Bergey XL1 Windmills from Backwoods Solar Electric Systems

Backwoods Solar Electric Systems supplies the Bergey XL1 windmill that performs well in low wind. The windmill is made of stainless steel, and features three blades. The blades are made in pultruded fiberglass and measure 2.6 meters in diameter.

Bergey XL1 Windmill

The blades of the Bergey XL1 windmill are designed to furl sideways so that they can limit the speed of the turbine during high wind. The windmill is equipped with a charge controller that is diversion type. The charge controller accepts a maximum of 30 amperes of solar energy.

The Bergey XL1 windmill can be fitted on a tilt up pipe tower. The wind turbine is provided as a 24-volt DC battery charging system. The windmill is suitable for off-grid applications and rural electrification programs. The Bergey XL1 windmill, available from Backwoods Solar Electric Systems, is a horizontal axis, up-wind model. The windmill is featured with new BWC SH3045 airfoil that makes the blades highly efficient. The blades of the windmill are directly attached to low speed permanent magnet alternator that has neodymium super magnets.

The Bergey XL1 windmill starts at a wind speed of 6.7 miles per hour. The rated wind speed of the wind turbine is 24.6 miles per hour and cut-in wind speed is 5.6 miles per hour. The rated power of the windmill is 1000 watts with a maximum power of 1300 watts. Other features of the wind turbine include low-end boost, 30A solar regulator, timed battery equalization, and polarity checker.


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