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S88 Wind Turbines with Mechanical and Aerodynamic Brakes

Suzlon Energy manufactures a range of wind turbines. The S88 wind turbine has a robust design and is capable of withstanding diverse environmental conditions. This turbine produces a rated power of 2.1 megawatts at a wind speed of 14 meters per second.

S88 wind turbines

The cut-in and cut-out wind speeds of the S88 wind turbine are 4 meters per second and 25 meters per second respectively. The rotational speed of the S88 wind turbine varies in between 15 rotations per minute and 17.6 rotations per minute.

The S88 wind turbine has a rotor with a diameter of 88 meters. This rotor has a swept area of 6,082 square meters. The blades of the turbine are made of fiberglass or epoxy material. The S88 wind turbine comprises an asynchronous generator with a slip ring. It has the capacity to generate 2,100 kilowatts at voltage and frequency of 6,900 or 600 volts and 50 or 60Hz respectively. The generator has an IP54 protection and includes an air cooled type of cooling system.

The braking system of the S88 wind turbine consists of mechanical and aerodynamic brakes. The gearbox with three stages has two ratios of 1:98.8 or 1:118.1. The wind turbine from Suzlon Energy is installed on tubular towers with a hub height of 79 meters. These towers have a total of four sections and are coated with PU or epoxy coatings for protection against corrosion. The yaw system of the S88 wind turbine consists of polyamide slide bearings and operates with the help of three planetary drives.


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