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OWS Aerating Windmills Help to Maintain Clear Ponds

American Windmills manufactures a range of aerating windmills. The OWS aerating windmill is available in packages that comprise a windmill tower, a windmill, pond diffuser, pressure release valve, foot valve and ½ air tubing. The windmill has an overall diameter of 70 inches, while the windmill towers are available in different heights of 12 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet and 30 feet. The OWS aerating windmill has a simple design with few moving parts thereby facilitating easy maintenance.

OWS Aerating Windmill

The windmill from American Windmills comprises a total of 12 galvanized blades that captures the wind and uses it to turn the crankshaft. This mechanism results in pushing a large diaphragm that operates like a piston by forcing the air out. The air is forced out on the down stroke by the diaphragm at a pressure of 30 pounds per square inch.

The OWS aerating windmill can be used as an aerating system also, which has the capability to aerate ponds efficiently. The aerating system functions by supplying oxygen to the water source continuously with the help of a non weighted hose that measures 35 inches, a weighted hose that measures 15 inches and an airstone. The air is released by the aeration system into the bottom of the pond. The aeration system included in the windmill helps in maintaining clean and pure pond water.


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