Geothermal Liquid Cooling Air Conditioning Systems from Enertran

Enertran offers the Enertran Liquid Cooled air conditioning system provides cooling and air conditioning through rejected hot water. This system can cut down the air conditioning costs of a household by almost 50 per cent, with a flow rate of 1US gal/min/ton.

The Enertran Liquid Cooled air conditioning unit utilizes heat from a building and send it to a liquid heat sink such as spas, swimming pools, well water, laundries, residential hot water tanks, rivers, ponds, clean water sources and fluid coolers. This air conditioning system from Enertran can be fitted to existing central forced air systems. It is also suitable for spot-cooling applications in a range of situations. The components of the Enertran Liquid Cooling air conditioning system are installed in one area within a building. This reduces installation and maintenance costs considerably. Thus, outdoor condensers, which may otherwise be noisy and disturbing, are not required in these air conditioning systems from Enertran.

With the Quick Sound Package, a thicker sound absorbing insulation material is used in these air conditioning systems. The components and equipment used in these systems are pre-wired and pre-fused, reducing installation time considerably. The various areas where these Enertran Liquid Cooling air conditioning systems can be installed are homes, integrated hydronic systems, town houses, sensitive areas, clean rooms, commercial buildings, offices, computer rooms and underground pumping stations.


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