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EuroProspect Alternative Energy Offers Kaneka G-SA050 Solar Panels

EuroProspect Alternative Energy supplies the Kaneka brand of solar panels. The Kaneka G-SA050 solar panel has a total weight of 14 kilograms and measures 990 millimeters, 960 millimeters and 40 millimeters in width, height and depth, respectively. This IEC 61646 certified panel has a power tolerance ranging from +10 per cent to -5 per cent. It has a maximum system voltage of 530 volts. This solar panel, supplied by EuroProspect Alternative Energy, generates a maximum power of 50 watts at a maximum voltage and current of 67 volts and 0.75 amperes, respectively.

Kaneka G-SA050 Solar Panel

The open circuit voltage of the solar panel from EuroProspect Alternative Energy is 91.8 + or -10 per cent, while it has a short circuit current of 1.2 + or – 10 per cent. The Kaneka G-SA050 solar panel has a nominal operating cell temperature of 45 degrees centigrade. This module consists of integrated bypass diodes and has the capability to generate power even during high temperature conditions.

The Kaneka G-SA050 solar panel is supplied with Multi-contact plug in connectors and cables that facilitate easy installation. This solar panel from EuroProspect Alternative Energy comprises amorphous silicon solar cells with an overall thickness of 0.3 micrometers. It can generate 90.95 per cent higher power output, when compared to other crystalline silicon panels.


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