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EuroProspect Alternative Energy Offers Kyocera KC65T Solar Modules

EuroProspect Alternative Energy distributes a diverse range of Kyocera solar modules. The Kyocera KC65T solar module is a UL certified model in a total weight of 6 kilograms. The length, width and depth of the module are 751 millimeters, 652 millimeters and 54 millimeters, respectively. It comprises a total of 36 multicrystalline solar cells with a conversion efficiency of over 16 per cent. These solar cells have been encapsulated between a pottant and tempered glass cover.

The pottant is available with a back sheet that protects the solar module from harsh environmental conditions. The Kyocera KC65T solar module also consists of an anodized aluminum frame that imparts strength and aids in the installation process.

The photovoltaic module, supplied by EuroProspect Alternative Energy, is capable of generating a maximum power of 65 watts at a maximum voltage and current of 17.4 volts and 3.75 amperes, respectively. The maximum system voltage of the module is 600 volts, while it has a short circuit current and open circuit voltage of 3.99 amperes and 21.7 volts, respectively. The Kyocera KC65T solar module has a nominal operating cell temperature of 47 degree centigrade.

The junction box supplied with the Kyocera KC65T solar module has an IP65 protection enclosure in a length, width and depth of 120 millimeters, 180 millimeters and 46 millimeters, respectively. This solar module from EuroProspect Alternative Energy can be used in pumping systems, navigation lighthouses, radio repeater stations and sailboat charging systems.


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