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Gulf Hydrocarbon Commissions New Biodiesel Terminal in South Texas

Gulf Hydrocarbon announced the arrival of biodiesel at the RTW Terminal in Brownsville, TX, located at 1005 Anchor Road. Gulf Hydrocarbon is the leading provider of biodiesel to the petroleum industry. Convenient access to the biodiesel truck loading rack will be provided by Gulf Hydrocarbon’s new terminal. This new terminal will help in facilitating easy availability of US-made biodiesel and it will also serve the Mexican and local distribution-based businesses.

Jess Hewitt, President of Gulf Hydrocarbon, remarked that the South Texas terminal will provide biodiesel to new markets in the Texas valley region, the border states in Mexico and to large productive agricultural lands. Farms, industries and school buses of South Texas are provided access to a green fuel, which controls air pollution.

Gulf Hydrocarbon, according to Hewitt, intends to educate industries about various environmental benefits and government incentives. Hewitt intends to deliver a speech at the 2010 Energy Expo. The Renewable Fuel Standards ACT 2, the economic impact to the Brownsville area and the importance of bioenergy are the topics Hewitt will be covering. The 2010 Energy Expo will take place at the UTB / TSC ITEC Center located at 301 Mexico Boulevard, Brownsville, Texas 78520.

The RTW terminal has biodiesel that meets the standards of ASTM D675. Biodiesel is a biodegradable and non-toxic energy source that is regarded as a clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel.  Biodiesel is made from renewable domestic resources that include animal fats, plant oils, kitchen oil and recycled grease. When compared to petroleum diesel, emissions of greenhouse gases and harmful hydrocarbons from biodiesel are reduced by 78 percent.


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