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Doosan Babcock Partners with HTC Purenergy to Undertake a Major Carbon Capture Project

Doosan Babcock, a leading energy firm, has been selected to initiate a carbon capture project with Basin Electric Power Cooperative. This project will be developed by Doosan Babcock in collaboration with HTC Purenergy, a carbon capture technology firm. This project aims at enhancing the oil recovery close to the power plant with the help of the carbon dioxide that is stored underground.

The engineering phase of this project will begin in the month of January. Basin Electric will be provided with a detailed analysis enabling the company to come up with a decision on the final project notice that will initiate the commencing for the carbon dioxide capture plant solution.

Iain Miller, CEO of Doosan Babcock, remarked that this project conducted for Basin Electric Power Cooperative through a joint venture between Doosan Babcock and HTC Purenergy highlights the cutting-edge carbon capture technology developed by Doosan Babcock. This project according to Miller is an important landmark in the commercial implementation of carbon capture.

Lionel Kambeitz, CEO and Chairman of HTC Purenergy, remarked that Basin Power Cooperative is a worldwide recognized firm in the carbon dioxide management because of its efficient carbon capture features and oil recovery/storage project in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Kambeitz further stated that commercial-ready carbon capture technology will be provided and incorporated by Doosan Babcock and HTC in the Basin Electric Antelope Valley Station coal fired power plant. This commercial-ready carbon capture technology was developed at the University of Regina.

Ron Harper, General Manager and CEO of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, remarked that the new carbon capture project is a solution to meet the challenges for obtaining a clean energy future. The Carbon Dioxide Capture Plant is planned to be constructed by Basin Electric Power Cooperative at its Antelope Valley Station near Beulah, North Dakota.


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