Perth Basin Geothermal Energy Power Project by Green Rock Energy

Green Rock Energy has established a number of geothermal power projects in Southern and Western Australia. In Western Australia, the company has bagged exploration licenses along with the University of Western Australia (UWA) in the Perth Basin. This project is considered to be the first commercial geothermal powered air-conditioning and heating unit in Perth.

Apart from air-conditioning and heating, the Perth Basin project will also concentrate on the desalination of ocean water. The Perth Basin is a geological rift with permeable aquifers that contain hot geothermal water that can be tapped for the generation of clean electricity. In collaboration with the UWA, Green Rock Energy will develop a geothermal powered air-conditioning and heating unit that will replace conventional systems in the Perth Metropolitan area. The company will commence the drilling of the geothermal wells in the latter part of 2009.

Absorption chillers, powered by geothermal energy and developed by Green Rock Energy, can be set up in a number of areas including universities, schools, shopping centers, hotels, data centers, hospitals and airports. These absorption chillers will be environmentally friendly and safe for natural surroundings.


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