Kuka Module Lines for Solar Module Production from Kuka Systems

Kuka Systems, a developer of different automatic production systems, offers the Kuka Module Line. The Kuka Module Line is used in the manufacture of all kinds of solar modules. The types of solar modules that can be produced by using the Module Line are crystalline based modules, thin film modules, glass to glass modules, glass to foil modules and concentrator type of solar modules.

Kuka Module Line

The Kuka Module Line features encapsulation trimming, automatic framing, milling, clinching, bolting and edge sealing. The automatic production system provides visual inspection and string layup. It can also be used for precise foil layup. The Kuka Module Line provides unloading as well as loading of laminator. This solar module production system offers high voltage test and capacity test, complying with UL and IEC. In addition, the system has the ability to conduct electroluminescence test for the solar modules automatically.

The Kuka Module Line features integration of laminators, stringers and flashers, as well as integration of MES solutions, host computers and PLC networks. The production system, offered by Kuka Systems, can be used to apply sealants and adhesive tapes. The Kuka Module Line also provides glass handling, automatic crosstieing, and automatic packing solutions. It can place the junction box on the solar module automatically.

Source: http://www.kuka-systems.com

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