Upper Spencer Gulf Geothermal Power Project by Green Rock Energy

Green Rock Energy has established a number of geothermal energy projects in South Australia such as the Upper Spencer Gulf, the Olympic Dam, the Patchawarra and the Great Artesian Basin. The Upper Spencer Gulf geothermal power project is undertakes applications such as the generation of electricity as well as desalination of water.

This geothermal power project, wholly owned and operated by Green Rock Energy, covers a total area of about 1938 square kilometers. Situated in the Upper Spencer Gulf coast, this power project not only generates electricity but also provides energy for the desalination of ocean water. The eastern side of the geothermal licenses comprise one 275 kV power line, while the northern edge consists of two 275 kV power lines. The exploration licenses received by Green Rock Energy in terms of the Upper Spencer Gulf project cover areas ranging from the south of Whyalla to Port Augusta and from the east coast of the Spencer Gulf to Port Pirie.

Some of the areas covered by the Upper Spencer Gulf geothermal power projects are rich in radiogenic hot granite. This is used as a source of geothermal energy for the operations in the power plant.

Source: http://www.greenrock.com.au

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