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Global 150 Biomass Hot Water Generators from Alternative Energy Solutions

Alternative Energy Solutions offers biomass gasification technology and green energy solutions to industrial and commercial clients. The company has developed five types of energy using biomass. They are: steam generators, hot water generators, hot air generators, cooling and refrigeration, and electricity. The biomass hot water generator is designed to provide hot water consistently at 95 degrees Celsius for industrial heating applications. It is available in different models including the Global 150.

Global 150 Biomass Hot Water Generator

The Global 150 biomass hot water generator is a modular biomass-to-energy system built by Uniconfort. Its modular design enables customers to add more units for increasing the capabilities of energy creation. This hot water generator offered by Alternative Energy Solutions use different biomass fuels. Its heat exchanger is designed for yielding maximum heat transfer and is made of steel.

The Global 150 biomass hot water generator has an output of 1,500,000kCal/h. It has a thermal output of 5.95mm BTU/h and a steam output of 5,511lb/h. This biomass-to-energy system measures a length of 14.76ft, width of 6.73ft and height of 18ft, and weighs 65,631lbs. It is thermostatically controlled and completely automatic. The central control panel is used for controlling the system. This hot water generator can use natural gas also as a backup. Other features of this biomass gasifier include automatic ash extraction, automatic fuel feed, automatic soot blower, emission control equipment and material handling equipment.


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