Geotility Geothermal Systems Offers EW Series Hydronic Heat Pumps

Geotility Geothermal Systems manufactures a range of geothermal heating and cooling systems. GS E series Hydronic heat pumps are available in four different sizes and have a range of operating temperatures. The hydronic heat pumps can be used for radiant floor heating, pool/spa heating, snow melt, aquaculture, fan coils and process water installation.

EW Series Hydronic Heat Pump

The EW series hydronic heat pumps are available in heating and cooling or heating only models. They incorporate microprocessor controllers for controlling the source loop pump, load loop pump and compressor. This controller allows users to view the modes of operation and adjust the setpoint temperatures. These heat pumps available from Geotility Geothermal Systems include the R-410A refrigerant that has minimized ozone depletion. The oversized coaxial tube heat exchanger and scroll compressor increase the efficiency of the pump. This heat pump has an optional desuperheater to generate hot water for domestic use.

The EW series hydronic heat pumps have removable access panels for accessing all the internal components. The EW020 hydronic heat pump incorporates scroll compressor. Its refrigerant charge capacity is 1.42kg and the unit weighs 91.6kg. This heat pump measures a dimension of 25.5 x 26.3 x 18 inches. The top access panel of the EW020 model is made of non-metallic material that has high-density.


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