Kuster Offers K10 Depth Units to Measure Depth of Geothermal Wells

Kuster manufactures a range of logging tools, samplers, and flowmeters. There are different types of geothermal logging tools to measure the depth and temperature. The K 10 series of electronic memory tools are downhole memory gauze products, which are designed with the redundant memory circuit.  The K10 Depth Unit, one of the products from K10 series, is used for recording the depth as well as the line speed data during slickline operation.

K10 Depth Unit

The K10 Depth Unit, a self-contained unit, is equipped with a real-time clock to record the start date and time, and to display and record the line speed, depth, memory usage and the number of samples used. After collecting the data, it is merged with the tool data for correlation of line speed and depth related data. This measurement unit available from Kuster operates in memory using a DC connection or a re-chargeable battery pack.

The K10 Depth Unit has a 24MB non-volatile memory. It incorporates a LCD display for showing the records. It is also equipped with an USB interface and a real-time display, and has an optional encoder. This measurement unit is enclosed in a rugged pelican case. It can operate with a K10 Strain, K10 Quartz or a K10 Geothermal temperature and pressure gauge.

Source: http://www.kusterco.com

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