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Morso 1410 Standard Squirrell Wood Stoves from Bradley Stoves

Bradley Stoves supplies a range of wood stoves including the Morso 1410 Standard Squirrell stove. This small universal radiant heat stove is suitable for small chimney breasts. The multi fuel stove is designed with classic squirrell motif, hence the name. The squirrell motif is decorated on the sides of the stove, while the door has a plain design. Because of its compact size, the multi fuel stove is suitable for installations in small rooms and narrow boats.

Morso 1410 Standard Squirrell Stove

The Morso 1410 Standard Squirrell stove features a spin-dial air vent that helps the stove to reach the maximum burn time quickly. This air vent enables to control the burn time and heat output easily. With small footprint, the multi fuel stove takes only little space. The stove is equipped with an articulating grate as a standard feature. The grate helps in moving the ashes into ash pan. The ash pan enables easy ash removal and eliminates the need to shovel ashes manually from firebox.

The Morso 1410 Standard Squirrell stove incorporates heat shields at the rear and bottom to protect the wall and floor. This also provides more flexibility in placement of the stove. The reversible flue collar can be configured on rear or top of the stove. The multi fuel stove, offered by Bradley Stoves, is made of cast iron. The dimensions of the stove are 548 x 388 x 415mm. The output of the multi fuel stove is 4.5 kilowatts.

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