Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies to Unveil Personal Hydrogen Station at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies plans to unveil its recent and biggest technological innovation, which is a small home hydrogen refueling and storage solution that could lead to the development of a hydrogen-based economy. This new solution will also lead to the production of new fuel cell products. A scalable, inexpensive and consumer-centric hydrogen supply model that terminates the dependence on large-scale fueling infrastructure investments is provided by the refueling device.

Taras Wankewycz, one of the founders of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, remarked that the country need not depend on nationwide networks of hydrogen fueling stations for large-scale fuel cell commercialization. This innovative technology developed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies will enable all households to become a part of the future hydrogen fuel supply infrastructure.

HYDROFILL, the first personal hydrogen station designed by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The small desk top device can be conveniently plugged into a small wind turbine, a solar panel or the AC. Hydrogen is automatically extracted from its water tank and it is then stored in small refillable cartridges in solid form.

The company believes that this technology is the first step for refueling fuel cell eclectic vehicles through private infrastructure. Fuel cell technology helps in improving the usability and features of an increasing number of battery or engine-powered devices and creates the potential for low cost electric cars that can recharge rapidly and travel longer distances without recharging.

Source: http://horizonfuelcell.com/

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