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Esse Offers W-35 Woodfired Cast-Iron Cookers

Esse is a manufacturer of traditional range of cookers. The cast-iron cookers offered by the company are available in woodfired, electric, oil, multi-fuel and gas cookers. The woodfired cast-iron range cooker has clean burning and requires low maintenance. This wood burning cooker is available in the following models: WN, WD and W-35. The W-35 woodfired cooker is available together with a thermostatically controlled boiler.

W-35 Woodfired Cast-Iron Cooker

The W-35 woodfired cast-iron cooker incorporates a firebox designed for regular use and the ash can be removed occasionally. The fuel combustion is done effectively in this firebox and the fuel is burned completely to produce maximum heat and minimum ash. This wood burning cooker available from Esse has a two stage door latch to keep the door safe and protect the kitchen from sparks. Cooking temperatures of this cooker are controlled through a sliding mechanism fixed within the firebox door. A lever fitted at the side of the flue box functions as an oven bypass control.

The W-35 woodfired cooker has a mean boiler output of 33,000 BTU/h. It has a maximum heat efficiency of 75.9%. It uses Afterburn2 technology for clean burning. It has a top flue outlet with a diameter of 150mm. The logs utilized for burning inside the cooker must have a length of 45cm and a diameter of 25cm. This wood burning cooker from Esse includes a summer running kit as an option. This summer running kit minimizes the boiler output up to 12,000 BTU/h to provide hot water for domestic use.


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